Liquid lysine application system

2023 11 14

Congratulations on the successful installation and commissioning of the liquid lysine application system in China! It's a significant achievement to mark the first application of liquid lysine in the country. Manflo is proud to be part of this milestone.

The benefits for customers using liquid lysine are substantial. Cost savings, elimination of dust pollution risk, convenience, and efficiency through automatic dosing are key advantages. The delivery of liquid lysine in ISO Tanks and its automatic loading into onsite storage tanks, which then replenish production daily tanks based on level settings, streamlines the process. Moreover, the integration of the liquid system with the formula system enables fully automatic operation, further enhancing efficiency.

The provision of comprehensive reports by batch/day/month/year enhances data traceability, an essential aspect of quality control and regulatory compliance.

It's clear that Manflo's liquid system offers a range of benefits that will significantly impact the efficiency and productivity of lysine application in China.

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