Continuous dosing system for mold inhibitor

2023 11 14

Recently, we successfully installed and commissioned a continuous dosing system for mold inhibitor in China. This system is designed to add liquid mold inhibitor upon receiving corn at the Feedmill.

Throughout this project, we encountered several challenges, including limited installation space, unstable incoming materials from upstream, and a wide range of flow rates, varying from 50tph to 160tph. However, thanks to Mainflo’s strong technical expertise and project experience, we were able to customize a flow guide structure to stabilize solids flow. Additionally, we introduced Mainflo’s patented Twin-Flo XL design to measure corn flow rate and installed auto nozzles valves to control the number of nozzles for both high and low flow rates.

Mainflo's innovative solutions and extensive experience played a crucial role in ensuring the success of this project. Well done!

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